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Small recipes, the recipes for the rest of us are on the iPhone

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Not a "great" recipe book, a collection of memorable recipes or a compendium of nouvelle cousine dishes, but small recipes that everyone can try to create and bring to the table, perhaps for a Sunday lunch or an evening with friends. To say the content and the inspiration behind the new Alternative Industries app, the title tells us: Small Recipes, in fact. The author Valentina Picco, a "cook for the rest of us" who with this nice and very well-built app takes us by the hand to discover some classics and some dishes that the author loves and prepares with particular care, helping us to find ideas for tasty dishes that are able to satisfy the palate and not just the view, as happens in some cases with other apps that we find on the App Store.

Piccole Ricette presents seven different categories of course (from appetizers to sauces, from first to sandwiches) each of which has on average a dozen dishes, although for appetizers and second courses, in the Piedmontese tradition which seems to be mainly inspired by the author, there are many more. For each dish we have a detailed description of the preparation with ingredients and steps step by step and image (which can be enlarged). At the bottom of each single recipe we can call up a toolbar with a timer, a calculator, a button to add it to favorites and one to publish on Facebook.

small recipes

There are also interesting additional tools available such as: cooking times for various types of food (often indicated depending on whether you use the pressure cooker, the microwave oven and the traditional oven), a spaghetti doser (we can place the spaghetti on the screen iPhone and see how many people the bunch we have in hand corresponds to), a list of seasonal products and a virtual notebook to create a shopping list.

Finally, the author (who created a Facebook page dedicated to the app) also offers us the opportunity to send personal recipes, which will be gradually tested and then added to the application with the name of the inventor or inventor.

The program, apart from the contents, appears to be cured from a graphic point of view with excellent quality and perfectly consistent colors, fonts and images. Attention is also paid to the details, from the images that enlarge by orienting the iPhone horizontally to the line that simulates a stroke of the pen on the products we have bought in the shopping list. Ultimately Piccole Ricette a good product that will surely be appreciated by "casual" chefs, by those who are looking for ideas for recipes that we have heard of and would have liked to try, but who did not know who to ask for, dishes for a dinner or a lunch or even to be created individually for yourself or for friends and family with a "home-like" spirit. Unpretentious, without pindaric flights and propitiatory dances in the kitchen and without being forced to take a few days of vacation to start, cook, serve and wash the dishes, but not for this without giving or feeling satisfaction for what you bring on the table.

Small recipes cost 79 cents and can be bought from here

small recipes