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Slow the Italian Post Office? We'll see!

Slow the Italian Post Office? We'll see! | Macitynet.it

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Now the very efficient US postal service (those of you who have entered an American post office without being surprised by the efficiency and courtesy of the staff, not to mention the presentability of the place and the real service, raise your hand) show many services that they will see Internet as the hub of these new activities.

Beautiful, for example, the idea of ​​"translating" an address like that of their president, Bill Clinton, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, 20500-0003, into an e-mail address (by doing so anyone could have an address e-mail address): (email protected)

Where's the news? The news lies in the fact that the Italian Post Office promised similar services before all the others, and we remembered it a month ago with an exhaustive article that illustrated the promises of the new administrators to try to revive the reputation of the Italian state postal institute.

Now we have to see for ourselves who will know how to keep … we accept bets.

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