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SleepTimer: how to set a timer for music playback

SleepTimer: how to set a timer for music playback

You often want to listen to some music while you are lying on the bed and end up falling asleep without interrupting reproduction, waking up the next morning with more music?

Thanks to SleepTimer, a fantastic application created by the user pboos of XDA, you can do it safely, without worrying about finding the battery of your smartphone downloads every morning because of your music player!

SleepTimer features:

The functional offer of theapp wide and full of opportunities to regulate one's own user experience according to the individual uses, a personalization such as to make it perfect to reconcile rest according to tastes and habits:

  • you can choose your favorite music player or simply useYouTube!
  • Possibility to set the time period for which the music must be played before stopping the player, so on prevent the battery from discharging;
  • Ability to create presets for i timer used most frequently;
  • Integration with the accelerometer of the device that allows you to shake it smartphoneto extend the set timer;
  • Ability to choose whether to wait for the song to end, before stopping playback, if the set time has already been reached.

The application available for free on Play Store and its purpose is to stop the music playback after a period of time set by you, so that you can fall asleep peacefully with the music playing while preserving the battery life of your smartphone.

You can also set the timer to deactivate Wifi, Bluetooth and Data connection, or disable the sound of notifications so that they cannot wake you up.Furthermore, SleepTimer works with practically any application on your device, so you can use the timer to close one or more applications of your choice.

After installing the application, it will take you a few minutes to understand how to fully use its features, since the SleepTimer menu is simple and intuitive, if you have performed the root of your device, you can also take advantage of other advanced functions, such as turning off your mobile phone or activating airplane mode when the timer expires.

Download:SleepTimer for Android

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