Skype, you can now also share the screen on your smartphone

Skype, you can now also share the screen on your smartphone

For now, only Insider Skype users, the beta testers of the application, will be able to do this, then the functionality will be extended to all

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New feature coming soon for Skype. Microsoft has announced that it will be possible from now on share the screen even if you are using a smartphoneregardless of the operating system. During a video call, a person will then be able to see the phone screen of his interlocutor, as is already the case with PCs.

The news, for now, accessible only to Insider Skype users, a sort of beta tester but likely to be extended to everyone in the coming weeks.

The Redmond giant thinks that screen sharing can increase app downloads. As reported The Verge, people could use it during a meeting to show a presentation, to make a tutorial on how to use another app or to involve friends in a shopping session. But Microsoft also plans to integrate it into the dating apps.

To share the screen, just click on the three horizontal dots and start sharing which, as in the case of the desktop version, can be interrupted at any time.

The latest news from Skype

Screen sharing is only the last feature introduced by the application. In recent months, Skype has launched video calls that involve up to a maximum of 50 participants, the display of subtitles generated in real time and the possibility of blurring the background. In this way, for example, users can decide what to show their interlocutor or avoid being distracted by seeing what is happening behind him (as in the case of the famous analyst Robert Kelly, visibly embarrassed when, during an interview on Skype live on the BBC, he saw his young daughter enter his study).

The background blur feature it is based on artificial intelligence. The system, in fact, analyzes the images acquired by the webcam in real time and blurs everything that is around the user.


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