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Skype, a developer kit for taking calls anywhere

The developers of Skype have announced in the DeveloperZone section of their site, the intention to offer a software development kit (SDK) called SkypeIt that will allow third-party developers to incorporate Skype into their products. The product will initially be available as a beta and only on invitations; device manufacturers can already download the development kit for Linux; specific versions for Mac and Windows will be available within a few weeks.

SkypeIt will allow not only to exploit a robust set of APIs for voice calls, video calls and instant messaging, but also the super wideband audio signature, the digital signature based on the SILK codec (The next objective declared by the company will be to make this source open source too codec). Developers – after an approval process similar to that used by Apple for the App Store applications – will be able to present their products as "plugged into Skype", protecting users of third-party applications on the goodness of the operations that the software will be able to to execute.

In recent years Skype has managed to be present on many devices: phones, smartphones, TVs. "Now we want to do more," said Jonathan Christensen, general manager of the company, "allowing developers to take it wherever they want: digital cameras, screens, digital frames and more."

(By Mauro Notarianni)