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Skype 2.0 for iPhone now calls in 3G, free and without tricks

Enough with strange tricks to activate the 3G mode of Skype on iPhone: version 2.0 brings this option on all Apple phones and it does, at least until the end of August at zero euros obviously based on the costs of the telephone operators in your country and provided that your operator accepts this mode of operation of the data network.

The new version brings significant improvements also in the audio quality of the connections.

Updates to version 2.0 of the software include: ’3G calls. Skype calls on Skype in 3G are free at least until the end of August 2010; thereafter, a really cheap monthly fee (subject to operator costs for data transmission); improved audio for Skype calls on Skype thanks to the wideband audio (SILK codec) of the iPhone 3GS and second generation iPod touch .; advanced audio quality indicator; faster startup times .; quick access to the keypad from the iPhone main screen.

A version designed specifically for iPad is not yet available but users can take advantage of the 2.0 in "enlarged" iPhone mode.

As mentioned your mobile operator must allow this operating mode of the data network. Vodafone has long prevented Voip traffic on a cellular network, subject to adherence to some special plans; Tim recently changed the usage contracts on new plans (such as Tim for Smartphone) to prevent both Tethering and Voip. Wind, which is not an official mobile operator for the iPhone but whose services are used intensively by iPhone customers, also has limitations, for example in the Internet No Stop.

Both those who have a contract and a 3G network foresees Voip and all others who, at home, in the office or on the road, want to use Voip to save on voice calls, can see the costs charged by Skype for calling and receiving calls. from landlines and mobiles starting from this page. Prices start from 2 euro cents per minute (VAT included) according to consumption and from 1.02 euro per month for monthly passes. The solutions are extremely convenient when using Skype to and from abroad and for some very interesting options also for calling in Italy.

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