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Sky Go: a version available for all Android devices

Sky Go: a version available for all Android devices

The panorama of applications Android full of solutions that are often optimal, as well as highly functional, which in some cases are exclusively granted for some brands capable of offering a large market. It is the case of Sky Go, the streaming service of pay TV satellite provided by subscription only for owners of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

After a period of exclusivity still in force today and in favor of the Korean brand, which also won other services such as Nokia Here Maps is Kindle for Samsung, the television giant has admitted the possibility of a similar application available for all Android devices without providing further details on OS release compatibility and above all timing which, as expected, will still be quite long except for surprises. The news, however, reaches positively to users who, in the general panorama, have never actually understood the advantages of the limitation imposed by Sky in favor of the devices Samsung especially creating inconvenience to users without devices of the Korean giant to be able to take advantage of Sky Go.

According to the first analyzes, the situation may have been favored by choice and openness financial Samsung currently trapped in a sales reduction vortex that obviously leaves room, and market shares, for other emerging competitors such as LG, Motorola and all the brands of the Asian market, a problem for Sky Go which at this point must naturally face in the direction of solutions capable of guaranteeing certain accesses for an element that is part of its television offer.

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