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Sixth edition of the Internet Expo in an atmosphere of uncertainty for the New Economy.

Sixth edition of the Internet Expo in an atmosphere of uncertainty for the New Economy. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Managers, Software Developers, Hardware Manufacturers and Service Companies meet in an exhibition area of ​​15,000 square meters to discuss and present the news relating to sectors that in recent years have enjoyed verticalization of dizzying capital investments and especially of (perhaps) excessive hopes, but which have relentlessly failed to meet many of the amazing expectations with sensational financial flops and layoffs; uncertainty and caution in fact curb the enthusiasm for the New Economy which calls into question investments and business plans. This awareness will be the constant presence of conferences on e-commerce, web advertising, net banking, customer relationship management, outsourcing, wireless and m-business issues, issues that will be addressed through conferences, through seminars and through the exhibition area The exhibition event dedicated to new technologies, services and professions for the online business will take place from 17 to 19 January in Pavilions 9 / I and 9 / II of Fiera Milano, next to the entrance of Porta Metropolitana. both the IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau and the IIP, the Italian Internet Provider Association, to which the adhesion of the Ministry of Productive Activities has been added. Among the most awaited meetings, the Conference Calendar foresees – Thursday 17 January: “E-commerce in Italy: from dream to reality. Tools, services and strategies for success "; "The online brand: from a mass society to an individual society." – Friday January 18: "Mobile economy 2002: zero year?", "Business communication, advertising, branding, market: the indissoluble union" .– Saturday 19: "Marketing freed and business awakening". All information on the Expo can be found on the Institutional Site of the Event: http://www.internetexpo.net.

(By Rudy Belcastro)

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