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Silver spoon, classy kitchen with iPhone

Cucchiaio d’Argento, cucina di classe con iPhone

Silver spoon, classy kitchen with iPhone Silver spoon, classy kitchen with iPhone

Over 1100 dishes of all types including fast or refined, this is what Silver Spoon offers, the digital version always at hand of the iconic recipe book that offers tips and ideas and guides to prepare lunches or dinners.

Silver spoon (which was released long ago for iPhone and which is totally renewed with this edition) offers us the opportunity to follow our path based on the time we have available. In case we have to prepare something fast we can choose between snacks and quick but always tasty snacks or, if we can devote more time to the kitchen we can start from the appetizers, to continue with the first, second and desserts passing from the single dishes and also from the preparation For each recipe we will be explained step by step the necessary ingredients, the time and type of cooking and of course the preparation methodology, all accompanied by images that will make the preparation of the chosen dish easier and more immediate. Among the various options the possibility of viewing the dishes without having to be connected to the internet, the shopping list to be filled in and the timer to check the cooking times. In addition, with mv 50, we can download 50 recipes from the website to insert in the app that we can change when we deem it appropriate.

Silver spoon is also updated regularly. Every week we will have an ever new recipe that will be offered to surprise our guests with seasonal dishes. Silver spoon on sale on the App Store for 1.79 euros. A "light" version with only 110 recipes but useful for understanding how the premium application works, you can download it for free.

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