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Sign of the times: a Sun Blade Server with Linux

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Sign of the times: a Sun Blade Servers with Linux –

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The processors will be for the accuracy of the Athlon XP-M, originally pensatiper the notebook market, operating at 1.2GHz or 1.4GHz.Sun frequency says that the choice fell on AMD for the good compromise traperformance, density, power consumption and dissipation The Sun Fire B1600 chassis will be capable of holding 16 AMD processors.

The choice is a clear sign of the times: Sun, in extreme difficulty, given that the great power of the x86 architecture makes these processors able to rival in many sectors with that of the SPARC, and since Linux continues to grow in reliability, performance and features, to change the cards on the table to try to reverse the trend that sees it lose ground due to costs.

Of course, one wonders who'll want to spend figures do not indifferent permacchine that are substantially the RedHat Linux on x86, for marchiateSun.

(By Mark Centofanti)

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