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Short videos on YouTube: with 'Shorts' the challenge at TikTok starts

Within the year, Google's video platform could gain a new function called Shorts, capable of replicating what the Chinese social app TikTok allows to do

Short videos on YouTube are being tested. The news of the arrival of a new important feature of the Google video platform had already leaked last April. Now the new app called 'Shorts', Which will allow to share short videos enriched by the huge YouTube music library, has been announced and will be made available to all users by the end of the current year.

How short YouTube videos will be used

The new function of the video platform will therefore be called 'Shorts' and will allow Youtube users to record and share short videos from 15 seconds via smartphone. There are still no specific details on what the usability of Shorts will be but rumors speak of features similar to those of TikTok. And the challenge to the Chinese short-term video sharing giant will start with the arrival of the new YouTube app. It won't be easy considering how much the Chinese app has grown. We're talking about 125 percent in the past two years and 842 million people who have downloaded it in the past twelve months.

Most downloaded apps of 2019: Tik Tok superstar

As far as is known for the moment, Shorts will be a YouTube feature that will punctuate short, immediate video and added value with an immense musical library YouTube Music, Google's streaming service. The moving images can therefore be enriched by the moment's books also by glories of the past. In addition to the official works published by the labels, you can add those created by users and released directly on the platform. In short, several tens of millions of songs that nobody has on the web.

short videos on youtube

Facebook has been testing an app for creating and publishing short video calls for a year and a half Period in selected countries like Brazil, and even on Instagram, attempts were made to beat that path. According to the source, YouTube would be the most important effort of a company of Silicon Valley to curb the rise of TikTok.YouTube will target its millions of "creators" to generate expectation and attention on Shorts, hoping that the more than 2 billion monthly users will begin to use the function assiduously.

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