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Shadowrun Returns: launch postponed!

Shadowrun Returns: launch postponed!

It had previously been announced that the release of Shadowrun Returns, a remake of the old Shadowrun released in 1993 for the SNES, was scheduled for January 2013 but, to add new features, the output slipped to May / June 2013.

Shadowrun a Strategic RPG with a very dense plot, where modern humanity thrown into a world of magic, mysteries and traditions. The game based on the original title for SNES, except for the fact that the characters and the world around them will be in 3D to facilitate complex animations.

Shortly after the release of Shadowrun Returns, Cliffhanger Games will be ready to release an online version of this game called Shadowrun Online. According to some rumors, the plot should be articulated 20 years after the events of Shadowrun Returns. In the online version it will be possible to use the characters of Shadowrun Returns.

Shadowrun Returns will also be present on PC and Mac, where you can also use a level editing. It is not yet clear whether the editing of the levels will be possible to use it on Android and iOS. Gods will also be published DLC, which will expand the explorable play areas.


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