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Send SMS with iCal for memos, appointments and automatic messages

Send SMS with iCal for memos, appointments and automatic messages – Macitynet.it

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Severino Bigi sends us this interesting tip for using iCal with SMS and the Omnitel Vodafone operator.

"It is sufficient to register on the site www.omnitel.it and activate the sms service via email: in this way you send an email to (email protected) and a text message containing a maximum of 160 characters arrives (some of which are lost to indicate the sender and subject).

Therefore inserting in iCal this address as the one to send the notification of the appointment, the result that you receive an sms (maximum 10 per day) .This allows you to both report your commitments to yourself, and to report them to all those that having activated the service with Omnitel have a correspondence between telephone number, email and SMS.

It should be noted that when registering with Omnitel, it is necessary to indicate exactly the email address from which the emails to SMS will leave and it must be precisely that address that appears in the sent email, otherwise the omnitel system refuses to send It is therefore necessary to be certain, especially for those who use multiple accounts, that the address that 'sends' the email is the one registered with omnitel. "

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