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Segway HT: best-selling digital cameras, but not in San Francisco.

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Segway HT: best selling of digital cameras, but not in San Francisco. –

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Despite the price certainly not within everyone's reach, $ 5,000 (with an advance payment of $ 500 to be paid to Amazon immediately), Amazon's Steve Frazier admits that the reservations were exceptional, so as to exceed the sales of some models of digital cameras, currently Segway HT classified within Amazon's top 200 electronic products (between a total of 68,000) but the first days of the pre-order reached the number five position. One of the problems of Segway HT the city approval, which must receive to be able to move (even on the sidewalks, where skateboards and bicycles cannot move), well, in San Francisco, the center of Silicon Valley where some of the most important investors of the project reside (including Steve Jobs), it seems decidedly about to never be certified for circulation.PJ Johnson, the spokesman for the mayor of San Francisco, released the news that for 8 votes against 2, the city commission supervisors initially rejected the movement on the sidewalks of Segway HT.

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