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Sega may remove some of its games from the Google Play Store

SEGA rimuoverà alcuni titoli dal Play Store

SEGA recently announced in a blog post that is considering removing a number of titles from the Play Store that no longer meet its "high quality" standards.

The blog post makes it clear the games won't be completely deleted from Google's servers, but that simply they will no longer be listed, which means that if you previously bought one of the games removed by SEGAyou can download it again even if you delete it or purchase a new device.


It is important for us to assure all our fans, regardless of the platform or operating system, a great gaming experience and, after evaluating our complete list of titles, we have found that some of them no longer meet our standards. As a result, we have decided to remove them from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Samsung App Store and the Amazon App-Shop over the next few weeks. Although at the moment we have nothing to announce, however, these titles are likely to return in an updated version or in the form of a remake

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Assuming that the company has not yet removed any games, those currently on the Play Store, except for rare cases, have all been updated quite recently, so if you are a fan of the games produced by SEGA we recommend you take advantage of it now and download your favorites via the Play Store!

In any case, the companydid not specify which titles will be removed, but it left users with the hope of a possible update or a real remake, so we just have to wait and see what will happen in the coming weeks.

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