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Seen at CES 2012: Powertrekk, a hydrogen cell energy reserve brings iPhones everywhere

Visto al CES 2012: Powertrekk, riserva d’energia a celle d’idrogeno porta iPhone ovunque

Seen at CES 2012: Powertrekk, hydrogen cell energy reserve brings iPhone everywhere Seen at CES 2012: Powertrekk, a hydrogen cell energy reserve brings iPhones everywhere The upper part with the USB connection for traditional energy storage

The Powertrekk company produces an interesting fuel charger. The product in its conceptual form had been announced as early as February of last year; the company has now communicated the actual marketing and made it known that this is expected for the spring of this year. The product will be sold for $ 229 and, although a little expensive, in fact the first solution of its kind to allow the recharge of mobile devices via USB port.

Technically, a fuel cell uses hydrogen from water to produce clean energy. The reaction takes place thanks to an interchangeable element (the "fuel") called Powerpukk, costing $ 12 and which over time wears out. The system provides a 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery as a "buffer", a 1000mAh fuel cell, and can offer a convenient method to recharge phones and smartphones when you are outdoors or you plan to stay out of home for a long time.

The cell allows you to immediately charge an exhausted battery without having to use the wall socket and can be useful not only with smartphones, but also for recharging portable digital cameras and camcorders, GPS devices, etc. According to the manufacturers, this system has the advantage of not being influenced by atmospheric conditions or conditioned by the presence of sunlight, as is the case with solar energy charging systems. Reliable charging does not end as it does with traditional batteries. The product was made by a Swedish company (myFC, based in Stockholm) that has been working with fuel cell technologies for some time, creating various types of products for portable electronic devices.

Below is an image taken at the manufacturer's stand with spare cells and the device open. Below is a gallery with all the details.

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(By Mauro Notarianni)

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