SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 8GB: Review

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 8GB: Review

If you have a digital camera or a reflex you will have at least once tried an SD Memory Card that you can use with it. On the market there are several models, which differ in their capacity or in the speed of reading and writing that can be achieved when transferring the shots to the PC. Although with a camera you can achieve a higher quality than the smartphone camera, I have always preferred the latter because almost instantly, immediately after shooting I could see the photos or videos on my PC thanks to the integration with cloud services.

With a camera instead, it is necessary to remove the SD Memory Card, insert it into the PC, download the photos, remove it from the PC and place it back into the camera. Far too many steps that you certainly do systematically too and that in the long run can get tired.SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 1In order not to renounce to the quality of a reflex n to the simplicity of smartphones in transferring the photos taken, I decided to try one SD memory card which, among its features, incorporates a Wi-Fi module that allows you to transfer photos to a PC, smartphone and tablet without the need to remove the memory card from the camera.

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi ez Share

There SD Memory Card Wi-Fi which I tested, produced by ez Share, a company that guarantees a product compatible with all devices capable of reading an SD Memory Card. The product is sold in a small package and inside it includes a manual (also present in Italian) which explains how to best use all the features offered by the SD Wi-Fi Memory Card, which in the tested model offers me 8GB of free space.

The product has the classic dimensions of a classic SD Memory Card, with the only aesthetic difference in the presence of a switcher located in the lower part, which allows the activation and deactivation of the Wi-Fi module (the company recommends activating / deactivating Wi-Fi). Fi only when the SD Memory Card is not inserted in any device).

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 2


The first time I used the 8GB Wi-Fi SD Memory Cardof the ez Share company, I wondered how he could create a Wi-Fi network without any kind of power supply. The answer was simple: if no Wi-Fi module is inserted in any device, it will be deactivated and will start working when the memory is inserted, for example inside a camera (which must be turned on to supply the right power supply necessary for the operation of the module). Wifi).

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 3

Although it requires power to work in Wi-Fi, the power consumption does not affect the battery of the device in which it is inserted. The class 10 Wi-Fi SD Memory Card, which means that, if inserted directly into an SD card reader, it guarantees a read and write speed of at least 10Mb / s.

But if you've decided to buy this SD Memory Card Wi-Fi, you will rarely insert it into a card reader, but you will use the integrated Wi-Fi module. The operation in this case is very simple: if the Wi-Fi switch on the active card, when inserting the Wi-Fi SD Memory Card into a device, it generates a Wi-Fi network. In order to read the contents, you will need to connect to this network (password protected by default 88888888) and then access the photos and videos via browser, if you are connecting from the PC, or via the free dedicated app, available for Android and iOS (don't worry if the description or screenshots are in Chinese, the app is also localized in English).

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 4

After pairing, you can start transferring photos and videos between the Wi-Fi SD Memory Card and your device (the supported files for this operation are JPEG, RAW, AVI, MP4 and MOV, which can guarantee compatibility with most part of the formats compatible with current cameras). If you have problems with the first configuration (as I did), following the brief instructions shown in the manual included in the sales package, you should be able to clear up all your doubts.

SD Memory Card Wi-Fi 5


What I appreciated about the SD Memory Card Wi-Fi ez Share the convenience with which I can transfer photos to my PC via Wi-Fi. In the case of long-lasting videos, which therefore take up a lot of space, I can also take advantage of the direct connection to use the speed guaranteed by Class 10 of this Wi-Fi SD Memory Card.

If you want to buy the SD Memory Card Wi-Fi ez Share you can do it directly on Amazon through this link at the discounted price of 39.99.