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Scandinavian iTunes Music Store later this month?

Since last January, Ireland has also had its own iTunes Music Store.

As for the EU, apart from the new ten Eastern European countries that have recently joined, an iTunes Music Store does not yet exist in Sweden and Denmark.

In continental Europe, Switzerland is still out of the game along with all the countries "beyond the curtain" and the aforementioned Scandinavians with the addition of Norway.

A true union under the banner of Apple's digital music store not yet completed in the Old Continent, Cupertino is working to introduce the three Scandinavians and Switzerland as a fourth step in its progressive expansion.

If news from the Swiss country does not arrive yet, but in the last few hours it is flocking from the cold Norway, the local press has registered suspicious movements.

The Faro Journalen claims that Apple could announce the national iTMS for April 28, rumors spread thanks to some deep throats of the Norwegian record industry. The substance is reaffirmed or rebounded even from the pages of Dagbladet.

A catalog of about 35,000 Norwegian titles would be the first injection of local music for the Norwegian iTunes.

Hearth Odd of Apple Norway does not confirm anything of all, as a practice for the Cupertino home.

We recall that recently a survey has established that Oslo, the capital of Norway, the city where the cost of living at the top among all the countries of the Earth, will therefore be curious to verify how much it will cost a track on iTMS, assuming an equal number of values ​​with the 99 euro cents adopted elsewhere, the figure should be around 8 kroner. On the other hand, by comparing 79 pence in London, it would reach 9.4 crowns.

It is unlikely that with the launch of a Norwegian iTunes Music Store, Apple will miss the opportunity to complete the picture with the addition of digital jukeboxes dedicated to Sweden and Denmark.