Save Android battery: all available methods

Save Android battery: all available methods

Does saving battery on Android seem to have become an impossible feat? On the topic "save battery Android" if they are said of cooked and raw, but few suggestions are really valid. Discover in this guide all tips to save battery on Android, whether you have root permissions or if you have not unlocked the aforementioned permissions. If the battery runs out quickly on your Android device, follow this guide and you will find interesting tips to make a good optimization of the Samsung battery or some other device.

Save Android battery


As the first app to try to concretely save battery on Android and arrive quietly until the evening (even in the case of more experienced battery) Greenify, available in free version from the following link. In this short Greenify guide you will find a good solution to optimize Android battery.

DOWNLOAD |Greenify

Save Android battery

With this app active on your Android smartphone you will be able to manage all the apps automatically, hibernating them when necessary (when the screen is turned off for example). With this method you can save a lot of battery without affecting much more the usability of the hibernate apps! You can also purchase the Donate version, so as to support the developer and unlock the advanced features, from the following link.

LINK | Donation for Greenify

The app works fine too on non-root devices, taking advantage of the features integrated in Android 6.0 or later (on older devices, root permissions may be required).


A good app to try on an Android device to hibernate apps hibernator, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |hibernator

Save Android battery

The app works in a similar way to Greenify but does not require payment of any Pro version to unlock all hibernation features. On screen off or in particular conditions dictated by the user the app iberner the app to save battery, and then start them as soon as the active screen. The app works without requiring root permissions, but you will need to provide the device's administrative permissions for proper operation.

Integrated battery saving

What if the smartphone itself offered a solution to the "Save Android battery" topic? Check your smartphone settings if there is a menu Battery saving or Battery optimization, as shown in the image below.

Save Android battery

Click on Battery Saver or on Battery Saver apps to increase battery life on your mobile device. The options available as well as the menu graphics can change from model to model, but you can be sure that all modern smartphones offer you a special mode to save battery when it drops below a certain value or to hibernate the app when the device not used.

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