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Samsung is closing its Virtual Reality applications after the end of Gear VR

Samsung is closing its Virtual Reality applications after the end of Gear VR

It is now a matter of (little) time. Samsung is slowly closing its XR service applications, and will no longer exist in the coming months. By September 30, the giant will close all its VR apps, also as a consequence of the "death" of Gear VR.

Samsung was among the first to invest heavily in technology, and worked to make it accessible to most. Now, Samsung has already suspended 360-degree video uploads and premium video purchases, and will not implement further updates. Oculus devices will no longer support the Samsung VR Video app starting June 30, and even the company owned by Facebook will remove the application from its store.

Finally, Samsung will disable all XR user accounts and delete their data on September 30th. On the same day, Samsung Gear VR and Windows Odyssey viewers will stop supporting the company's VR video app. Android devices will also stop supporting the XR mobile app.

Samsung is closing its VR apps after Gear VR ends

The disappearance of the XR ecosystem sounds like a blow to those who still have a Gear VR, but Samsung's decision is not exactly a surprise: it has been moving away from its phone-based VR system since 2019.

The company, for example, launched the Note 10 last year without Gear VR headset support. Furthermore, at an Oculus – Gear VR event, the CTO of the CTO company, John Carmack, had admitted that having to use and mount a phone in a virtual reality viewer had proved to be a barrier for wider adoption by the catchment.

Goodbye Gear VR.