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Samsung Galaxy S20: fast charging has USB-IF certification

Samsung Galaxy S20: la ricarica rapida ha la certificazione USB-IF

Samsung Galaxy S20 boasts USB fast-charger certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the organization that deals with the development of USB standards.

This certification ensures that the device meets the specifications for USB charging, including support for Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and allUSB Power Delivery (USB PD) 3.0. From a user perspective this means that the device is compatible with certified third-party chargers.

The PPS protocol allows you to manage dynamic voltage levels, offering greater flexibility in the field of charging and optimizations both in terms of efficiency and in terms of thermal emissions. The Verge he explains that the PPS standard consists of a negotiation: the smartphone requests the charger from the energy it needs and the charger tries to supply it. In the case of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 45W are required; if the charger is not compatible with Power Delivery, 5 volts at 1 ampere (5 watts) are returned; if instead PD compatible then try to provide the watts allowed by your profile.

S20 and S20 Plus support fast charging with chargers up to 25W; the S20 Ultra, as already mentioned, supports chargers up to 45W. obviously it is necessary to use a charger capable of delivering the required energy. With its 45-watt charging, Galaxy S20 Ultra – respecting the universal charging standard – capable of reaching 100% charge in the shortest possible time.

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Last year, the South Korean company presented two USB-C power delivery (PD) chip-controllers specific for adapters with support up to 100W and compliant with USB-PD 3.0 specifications, capable of providing the optimal current for each device.

If you need to buy a charger for the Galaxy S20 Ultra well make sure that it is PD 3.0 compatible with Programmable Power Supply and that it can supply at least 45 watts. At the time of writing, there are no accessories of this type on Amazon but magazines compatible with this profile will certainly arrive.