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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: the first Samsung that supports the 5G mobile network

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: il primo Samsung che supportala rete mobile 5G

Presented on 20 February 2019 together with the other Samsung smartphones, the S10 5G released in June 2019 and the largest smartphone of the South Korean company in size. With his delegant design, glossy finish, easy to handle and guarantees you an unprecedented connection speed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: the cost

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is in the highest market price range. Its cost ranges from € 1,070 to € 1,270. Want to know if the value for money is right? Opinions are mixed. Some experts believe that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is worth the price, while others are very hesitant. The solution? Evaluate yourself! Below you will find out its features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: features and data sheet

The most important feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that supports the 5G Network, guaranteeing an incredible connection speed. This means that you can download your music, play online and watch your movies and TV shows in streaming without interruption. According to Samsung, buffering, or the memory area used to compensate for the difference in speed in data transfer, will only be a distant memory. The small hitch, in all this? In the Italian territory where the 5G Network has not yet arrived, the smartphone will travel at the speed of 4G.

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The display and cameras

As you anticipated, it screen of the Samsung S10 5G, with its 6.7, the largest of the S10 series. The screen has a resolution of 1,440 x 3,040 pixels and supports HDR10 + technology with Dynamic Tone Mapping, which will allow you to enjoy incredibly real colors and high contrast whatever you are looking at.

THEInfinity-O display of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G minimizes the visual distractions on the screen and manages to reproduce 100% of the color volume of DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives) with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000 :, as the South Korean company itself writes. This engineering work is worth Samsung VDE Germany certification. The colors are realistic, the blue light reduced so as not to strain the eyes and the visual experience offered so immersive that it seems to be in front of a cinema screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G weighs 198 grams, water resistant and equipped with two front and three rear cameras (one for the primary shutter, one for the wide-angle and the other for the optical zoom), in addition to the ToF camera, present both on the front of the smartphone and on the back. Do you know the ToF camera like that? ToF acronym of Time of Flight, which translated means at time of flight.

It is a type of sensor that allows the smartphone to estimate and measure in real time the distance between the camera and the objects framed. The benefits you can enjoy? The smartphone can reconstruct the scene you shoot in 3D, the portraits you take have better quality and the videos have more efficient live focus (you can blur the background while you're shooting a video). Are you worried about battery consumption? It seems to be contained. In short, with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G taking amazing photos will be easy and fast: you just need to choose the right lens, the preferred shooting mode and the game done!

Battery, memory and ultrasound fingerprint reader

Another limit exceeded by Samsung with its flagship smartphone is the capacity of the battery. It counts 4.5000 mAh and the most powerful of the family. Also, equipped with the convenient Wireless Charge and 25W Ultra-Fast Charging (Super Fast Charging), which debuts in a Samsung smartphone for the occasion. The 8GB RAM, the 29% faster CPU, the internal memory counts 256 GB and not expandable with microSD, unlike the other S10.

The ultrasonic sensor, positioned directly on the screen, detects fingerprints using ultrasonic pulses. This is an innovative sensor, which guarantees you speed and security for accessing your smartphone and which has received the first certification of FIDO Alliance biometric components in the world.

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