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Sales of smartphones are growing again in China after Coronavirus

Sales of smartphones are growing again in China after Coronavirus

Sales of smartphones from manufacturers to retailers in China increased by 17% in April 2020, compared to April a year ago, offsetting the loss of the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New data from the Chinese authorities show that smartphone shipments in April by all manufacturers increased by 17%, almost a fifth more than last year. Reportedly, production above where it was left before the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Reuters, the 17% share comes from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a state-owned entity. CAICT data previously revealed that Apple did not perform well in the country in February 2020, as did March.

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However, Reuters notes that for the first time in many years, CAICT has not differentiated the data between iPhones and shipped Android devices. This means that Apple sales cannot be determined. Overall, CIACT says that the manufacturers shipped 40.8 million smartphones in April 2020, compared to 34.8 million in April 2019.

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at this improvement in Apple's most recent quarterly presentation. On that occasion, Cook said that while April was not yet a relevant month for the company's second fiscal quarter, Apple was still seeing an improvement in the Chinese market, also thanks to the fact that the general economic conditions were slightly recovering, after the lockdown of the past few weeks.

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