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Safety; for Microsoft four report card

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Microsoft's "Trustworthy Computing", as they have renamed it to Microsoft, the focus of a harsh criticism article from Reuters on CNN pages.

From the pages of the prestigious news site, in fact, the initiative that in the intentions of the Windows manufacturers should give a new face and a new reliability in terms of security to the most popular OS in the world is judged in a negative way.

"Trustworthy Computing is failing – says Russ Cooper of TruSecure Corp, a company specialized in IT systems security – at the beginning of the year I assigned a Trust D- to Trustworthy Computing but now I have to change my mind and F more appropriate". In practice, a rating of 4 on the scoreboard.

The recent case of the spread of the SQL Slammer worm, which according to Microsoft could have been avoided by applying patches to the operating system, sparked criticism. “But the philosophy of the patches – Cooper says – goes bankrupt and the fact that Microsoft itself was hit by the worm proves it. Evidently they don't follow Microsoft's advice too "

Even Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Internet Security does not ring a different bell, on the contrary he goes a bit further and in a direction well known and known to us. "My wife uses a Mac and never worries about viruses and I think the reason is that Macs are better than PCs with Windows."

That another worm, the Switch worm, is starting to spread in the Windows operating system?