Safer Milan Cisco Municipality of Milan

Safer Milan, the smartest and safest city with Cisco

Safer Milan an initiative that is part of Digitaliani, a three-year investment plan of $ 100 million launched by Cisco in Italy in January 2016

Cisco and the Municipality of Milan together through the initiative Safer Milan: a 360-degree experimentation project to make the city even smarter and safer thanks to new technologies, projects to encourage innovation and training activities in the cybersecurity sector.

Safer Milan, an initiative that is part of the three-year investment plan Digitaliani launched by Cisco in Italy in January 2016, marks the opening of a collaboration in which the company makes available to Milan, a city that has already extensively started its journey of transformation in a smart city perspective, to accelerate the realization of its Digital Agenda, offering them skills, technologies and a capacity to support innovation, already used in hundreds of projects worldwide, including Italy.

The Safer Milan initiative provides for

  • the creation of a Security Operation Center to integrate and strengthen physical security, traffic monitoring and environmental monitoring systems already in place, with adequately protected networks and platforms using the most advanced cybersecurity solutions
  • the creation of an innovation center dedicated to the development of innovative security solutions – particularly in the city – in which start-ups, universities and companies can collaborate, contributing to making the city of Milan an example of international excellence and attraction in the sector ;
  • expansion of the offer of training in cybersecurity and internet of things in Milanese high schools, through the courses of the Cisco Networking Academy program and school-work alternation projects.

With this initiative we can jointly create tools to manage the key systems for urban security in an even more integrated and effective way, with two objectives: supporting the ever-changing needs of a city that is renewed and enhancing its resources and its human capital so rich to add another piece to the path of excellence and innovation that Milan is making he said the CEO of Cisco Italy Agostino Santoni. In our experience, in fact, the smart city is a community where new digital services are useful to citizens, and at the same time offer ideas for economic growth and to give more opportunities to people.

IT security was an absolute priority for the Municipality of Milan, he said Roberta Cocco, Councilor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services – this is why we are proud to sign this partnership with Cisco today, an international reality of the highest level, capable of managing in an excellent way huge events, such as for Expo 2015. Together we will work to make Milan an Italian and international reference point in the field of innovation and cybersecurity.

The Security Operation Center

A Security Operation Center a physical place where the staff assigned to us has the most advanced digital display, analysis, monitoring, communication and management technologies, to be used to make the most of the information that arrives in real time from the systems assigned to city ​​security: video surveillance, access control, traffic monitoring systems, environmental and hydrogeological monitoring systems.

The objective of Cisco's experimentation with the Municipality of Milan to create this brain for the safety of the city of Milan and also to connect it, with video communication solutions, with the central offices of the institutions that are in charge of the security of the city, or the central offices Police Headquarters, Prefecture and Local Police. This will make it possible to act and react as quickly, as coordinated and as efficiently as possible to guarantee maximum security for Milanese citizens and tourists.

The system also becomes part of this system environmental and hydrogeological monitoring, in particular with a parallel strengthening of the data collection and control systems relating to the Seveso river, which will enable citizens to be anticipated and alerted in case of flood risk.

Naturally the networks and solutions that will be tested in the Security Operation Center will be adequately protected through the necessary ones cybersecurity solutions.

The Safety Innovation Center

Parallel to the experimentation of the Security Operation Center, Cisco and the Municipality of Milan intend to join forces to create one in the same place. space dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for security in general, and in particular for security in the city environment. Here companies, start-ups, universities and ecosystem partners will be able to come into contact, discuss, collaborate to create new methods and new solutions. Aggregating the best skills in the sector – and joining the implementation of the Security Operation Center – this Innovation Center will be able to help the city of Milan to position itself as a reality of excellence at national and international level in the field of citizen security and to become a laboratory of ideas that generates opportunities and replicable solutions in other communities.

Training for young people

In an increasingly digitalized world, the technologies that allow the safe connection of objects, people, processes and systems are vital and constantly evolving; moreover, they constitute an important opportunity for the future of young people who will appear on a labor market where these specific skills are increasingly in demand.

For this reason, within the framework of the Safer Milan initiative, Cisco provides the contents and platforms of its Cisco Networking Academy program to activate new training courses dedicated to the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity in Milan's technical institutes, and makes itself available to schools to activate school-work alternation projects, based on the protocol signed by the company with MIUR last July. In this way the presence of a program already present in over 300 schools and training centers is strengthened in the public institutions, and in the 2016/17 school year alone, 47,000 students from all over Italy were involved.

Safer Milan Cisco Municipality of Milan

From left: Fabio Florio (BDM Smart Communities and Digitaliani plan manager for Cisco Italia), Rebecca Jacoby COO of Cisco, Mayor Giuseppe Sala, Agostino Santoni CEO of Cisco Italia, the Councilor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services of the Municipality of Milan Roberta Cocco, Guy Diedrich, VP Global Innovation Officer of Cisco, and Francesco Castan Director of Information Services and Digital Agenda of the Municipality of Milan.