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Safari new beta: 0.82.

With version 0.82 or v60 beta of Safari, Apple makes the browser for Mac OS X Safari available for download, in its third release, from January 7th.

In this version, some parts have been improved such as Flash support and the addition of XML, compatibility with various standards and application stability have been increased.

Self-signed security certificates now work with Safari 0.82 which, among other things, has corrected 3,000 lines of code thanks to the contribution of the Konqueror project.

Some of the most popular sites should now be completely navigable thanks to the many readers' reports.

Download from here (2.8 MB) or, as soon as possible, also via Software Update.

For information on the experiences of Italian readers and the actual news in navigating websites in language, please refer to this page of the MacityNet Forum.