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Safari in Italian updated

Safari has just been released, but there are already those who are thinking of customizing it.

Among these Claudio Mussolin who, taking advantage of the flexibility in localizing the applications for Mac OS X, has created a version in our language of the Apple Internet browser.

To have the interface completely in our language, which is certainly of great use to those who do not chew English well or even those who simply prefer to deal with software that speaks our language, just download the small file made available by Claudio and follow the simple instructions.

In any case, it is not necessary to follow "destructive" operations; simply copy a folder with the files already ready inside Safari and relaunch the application.

The files to locate Safari in Italian are available on the Amug Sicilia website

[update] In record time Claudio Mussolin made an update of the location. Among the main changes:

– Fixed the error that prevented the search within a document – Improved the translation of some items – Completed the translation of the error reporting panel – Completed the translation of the cookie panel – Updated the translation of the activity panel