Yubico produce una chiavetta di sicurezza utilizzabile su computer e dispositivi iOS.

Safari in iOS 13.3 supports authentication with FIDO2 NFC keys, USB and Lightning

The update to iOS 13.3, a version currently being tested by developers, integrates new features in Safari that offer support for authentication with FIDO2 keys of the NFC type, USB and Lightning.

The option in question had already been integrated into the first beta of iOS 13.3 but with the second beta – he writes Macrumors – Apple specifically indicated the details in the release notes: "Now with support for FIDO2 compliant NFC, USB and Lightning security keys in Safari, SFSafariViewController and ASWebAuthenticationSession using the WebAuthn standard on devices with the necessary hardware features".

In practice, it is possible to use FIDO2 keys to log in to various websites without entering any credentials (username and password). The objective of this standard, to allow the user to free himself from the use of passwords in the future by pushing different authentication mechanisms.

Safari in iOS 13.3 supports FIDO2 keys like NFC, USB and Lightning

Among the companies that offer FIDO2 keys with Lightning port is the Swedish Yubico which offers the NFC Security Key and the YubiKey for Lightning. The use of FIDO2 keys universally considered as the safest way to protect access to various applications and services. Safari for iOS so far does not support the WebAuthn standard. Several people who in various ways deal with the development of the Cupertino multinational's browser are part of the W3C working group which also deals with this standard.

Christiaan Brand, one of Google's managers, stated in February of this year that the goal towards which it is increasingly looking to move from a model based on "sharing a secret" – in which both the user and the service providers know, for example, the authentication password – an "asymmetric model" in which the user only needs to prove that he knows the secret without the remote service necessarily having to be aware of it. "This is a much better approach, the latter being better because, for example, in the case of data compromise on the server side, no personal information relating to the user can actually be stolen and reused by third parties".

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