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Safari begins with a bang

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Enthusiastic acceptance for Safari.

According to the company specialized in the collection of Internet data, in the first week of availability the Apple Internet browser reached the respectable threshold of 0.11%.

The percentage, as OneStat itself notes, seems at first sight irrelevant, but in reality significantly higher than that of other competing products if compared to the same period of time. For example, Opera 7 itself reached only 0.03% of the market in the first week of PC availability. Much lower than that of Safari and certainly not justifiable only through the functionality that allows Opera to "blend in" like Explorer or Netscape.

No surprise, however, in the high sectors of the ranking: Microsoft, with the various versions of its Explorer, reaches 95.2% of the market, while Netscape at 2.9% and Mozilla at 1.2%.

In the margin, we would like to remind you that OneStat data is often contested on the basis of the survey sample, which is considered not particularly reliable. [By Marco Centofanti]