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Ruzzle Adventure: the new version of the famous title available on Google …

Ruzzle Adventure: the new version of the famous title available on Google ...

The Android gaming continues, thanks to the development of ever more performing devices and the interest of the main software houses in the sector, to continue to grow by offering new titles capable of transforming the smartphone into a portable console which cannot be dispensed with, thus, within the various proposals in the field of puzzle games and puzzles in the section of Google Play Store, which has become an official new proposal with an evocative and reliable name, that isRuzzle Adventure.

The title, obviously connected to the knownRuzzle, was produced by the same software houseMAG Interactive who decided to propose the evolution of a version that has been so successful in recent months, resulting in a complete game concept where the resolution of the challenges with the lyricist, exactly proposed as in the same Ruzzle, finds instead in Ruzzle Adventure a better location for within a context based on levels and settings, with an advancement, capable of moving a story, which will be up to the individual player to carry on, both by challenging friends and the game itself, with challenges in single player.

Ruzzle Adventure does not fail to offer important revisions to the game mode with words, drawing on other elements known as the "Candy Crash“, Thus drawing from additional elements such as bombs and power ups to accumulate more credit during the challenges, thus being able to achieve the game goals, no longer only aimed at the simple accumulation of points by beating friends but directed towards the conclusion of a wider story and context, as well visible in the trailer:

To download Puzzle Adventure from the Google Play Store and try your hand at the adventures offered, you can contact the following link:

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