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Rudy Bandiera: how to be happy on social media

An interview with Rudy Bandiera, who tells us with a smile how social networks have changed our way of relating.

The interview with Rudy Bandiera, the Ferrara blogger and writer who is on the social networks with a smile. He has recently published his third book, has a contagious energy and tells us how social media has changed our way of relating.

Rudy Bandiera, the interview

How have social networks changed our lives?Rudy Bandiera: Sharing has always existed, but today it has been raised to levels never seen before. This change happened, a fact, like it or not. Many have spoken ill of it (I remember Umberto Eco among them). Yet social media is a kind of environment, which seems to be separate from real life, but not. We are constantly connected and with our smartphones in our pockets. Some have compared socials to a bar, because they often give voice to impulses and comments that we would normally hold for us. But as in real life, there are differences between one bar and another. Let's look at Facebook: in Italy one person out of two, including elderly and newborns. a social pop in the true sense of the term: popular, an amplified mirror of society. Twitter a little more elitist, Snapchat the place of teenagers, very young and visual Instagram. There is no better or worse one, they are different environments.

With social media born the figure of the influencer, do you recognize yourself in this definition?Rudy Bandiera: The word influencer, until a few years ago there was, or rather, simply stood for someone who influenced. With the arrival of the network different phenomena were born, influential figures in some areas. But what brings us to define someone as an influencer? If my grocery store advises me to buy a certain vegetable, it certainly influences me but not an influencer, because he is only talking to me. The condition to be influencer talk to many people. But be careful, to do this you need to be credible, because if you have a bad reputation you don't influence yourself or you do it in a negative sense. The popularity is a value, but also the credibility is. production channel, the container through which the contents are conveyed. If we identify these 3 variables in individuals, we can measure the degree of influence of the individuals themselves.

Digitalic X 2017 Rudy Bandiera

Rudy Bandiera the book Condivide et impera

Your new book, Condivide et impera, has just come out. This sentence you also tattooed …Rudy Bandiera: I wanted a recognizable, identifiable but already known claim. What could be better than something that Philip the Macedonian said? He had said Divide et impera. I changed it with shares.

Is there any secret in the book to become an influencer?Rudy Bandiera: The book full of secrets … which are then relative. Young people believe that the influencer is one who has many followers. But not so. And above all, you don't get followers by snapping your fingers. The first of the secrets, however trivial, therefore: to work. Identify a niche that you like, be sure you can talk about it and discuss it over the next few years, start doing it. This does not guarantee to become a point of reference, but the only way forward. an investment on oneself, on one's own credibility, on one's own time, for one's own future. You don't have to be too generalist, if we talk about everything we don't talk about anything.

Are we on social media to sell something to someone else? Our image, a product …Rudy Bandiera: I think there is a big difference between convincing, persuading, influencing and manipulating. Social media is not manipulation. First you have to do something for others. Whoever succeeds in being influential because he is useful information and thus becomes a point of reference.

Do you have to criticize on social media for success?Rudy Bandiera: There are different types of success. I think: when someone sees my name or my face, what do I want you to feel? Bewilderment, anger … or credibility and reliability? If we criticize we will succeed because we will polarize the frustrations. The widespread sarcasm on social networks, it is very easy to attack someone, at least to do something to be attacked. On Twitter, people who don't know me have told me all the colors when my book came out. It happens. physiological, normal.

Rudy Bandiera and the theory of happiness

Can you explain your theory of the transmission of happiness?Rudy Bandiera: There is a study that claims that happiness could be transmitted up to 4 degrees of separation. If I'm with a person, or a friend of a happy person, or a friend of a friend, then I will be happy too. He has an unbelievable but I believe that there is a fund of truth. So to be happy is our responsibility: it concerns us all and affects others.

In staying on social media we have a responsibilityRudy Bandiera Creating a credible and safe social environment is our responsibility. In the real world we have the habit of blaming others, the same thing happens on the web. For example, buffaloes are conveyed because people share them. When we come across news that we are not sure of, we need to turn on the brain, evaluate it critically. If we have doubts? Just ask those who know more about us or search on Google. Let's take one more step before sharing.

Digitalic X 2017 Rudy Bandiera