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Route 66 2001/2002 edition

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Route 66 2001/2002 edition logomacitynet1200wide 1

Route 66 in Carbon version. This is the most important novelty of what was and remains the most popular and functional road map for Mac. But there are also numerous other interesting updates that make Route 66 something not to be missed for those who travel often or even for those who simply want to use one. flexible and powerful tool to organize your own itineraries. The map version of Italy, for example, has all the smallest and largest locations, for a total of 60,000 with 350,000 roads. Hotels, restaurants and petrol stations are also listed, most of which with address and telephone number. You can add roadblocks and broken roads to develop alternative routes, compatible with GPS, the printing options have been increased, use the road signs that are shown on the roads and includes a search engine The version with map of Europe has a level of very high detail: in addition to all 450,000 cities in Italy and Europe, ROUTE 66 Route Europe 2001-2002 contains as many as 70,000 particular locations such as railway stations, airports and industrial areas. For those who travel frequently in the old continent, a "Europe" version is then published Professional ”which contains all the information available for car routes in Europe! More than 3,500,000 streets in 13 countries and more than 550,000 points of interest in over 50 categories such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, and gas stations, many of which with address and telephone number. Note that this information they are easily accessible through the most powerful search engine ROUTE 66. In addition, ROUTE 66 Route Europa Professionale 2001-2002 provides GPS support that allows you to establish your exact position using satellite navigation and thus ensuring you never lose your Street. For England, Germany and Holland, real-time traffic information is available via the internet to automatically recalculate the route. Maps of all the main European countries are available with the same level of detail and functionality as the Italian version. and the USA. The single country version costs 99,000 lire, the Europa Professional version 199,000 lire. Macity will soon publish a detailed review of the two packages.

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