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Rough Cut: Sony makes life easier for Mac video editors

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Rough Cut: Sony makes life easier for Mac video editors –

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Sony, with the introduction in April 2003 of Rough Cut Advanced Video Editing Storage, has ready a tool compatible with all the existing on the Mac market (FinalCut Pro from Apple, Avid, Adobe, Media 100 and DigiDesign) dedicated specifically to the post -production.Rough Cut has been studied around the AIT – Advanced Intelligent Tape format and its main function is that of an advanced video server thanks to the systematic archiving (also with the backup method) of projects and digital video files, without any loss of original quality. Rough Cut will be available initially only for Mac (Mac OS X 10.2.x and Mac OS 9.x) and includes: an AIT-2 drive (for 8mm tapes with a maximum capacity of 50 GB and a transfer rate of 6 MB per second ) with FireWire and USB 2 ports, Mezzo ES Generation 4 (backup software for Mac that manages entire files up to 2 TB, or two films in broadcast quality), ten AIT-2 tapes (three 50 GB, three 36 GB , three 25 GB and one to clean the heads) , all the necessary cables and two free DVD-R. For June 2003 Sony plans to update the system to the AIT-3 format (up to 100 GB per tape and transfer rates up to 12 MB per second) .Kevin Handerson of Sony said: "Many broadcast or professional editors will find Rough Cut the ideal solution to waste as little time as possible, incorporating the different components of a digital video in the final result." At the moment no further information is available.

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