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Rocket Racing League speeds on iPhone and touch

Rocket Racing League speeds on iPhone and touch – Macitynet.it

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We talked to you some time ago about Rocket Racing League, the official video game of a strange but futuristic sport that will see ultra-light and rocket-driven aircraft compete. Well, finally the application available on the App Store, allowing everyone to simulate the thrill of one of the most futuristic and dangerous races of the next few years. The controls are fairly intuitive: you turn left, right, up or dive by tilting the device, while on the screen there are buttons that allow you to increase speed or slow down suddenly.

An exhaustive tutorial will accompany the player with his hand until he is familiar with the control scheme and is ready to launch in intense solo mode. There is also a multiplayer option, but the developers have not supported any library of existing networks (such as OpenFeint or Plus +): players will therefore have to search and connect independently, which, by the same admission of the development team, could initially be problematic, since few people will have the game. Rocket Racing League available on the App Store for € 2.39.

<img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Rocket Racing League” alt=”180610-rocketracing-1.jpg "width =" 480 "height =" 320 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/180610-rocketracing-1.jpg”/>

<img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Rocket Racing League” alt=”180610-rocketracing-2.jpg "width =" 480 "height =" 320 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/180610-rocketracing-2.jpg”/><img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Rocket Racing League” alt=”180610-rocketracing-3.jpg "width =" 480 "height =" 320 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/180610-rocketracing-3.jpg”/><img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Rocket Racing League” alt=”180610-rocketracing-4.jpg "width =" 480 "height =" 320 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/180610-rocketracing-4.jpg”/>

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