RoadRunner, the navigator that will save you from traffic

RoadRunner, the navigator that will save you from traffic

The system that suggests an alternative route when there are queues has been tested in the US

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A way has been found to save oneself from the nightmare of being stuck in traffic every day for hours. In the United States, MIT (Michigan Institute of Technology) has developed RoadRunner, an integrated system that diverts cars that are about to enter an area that is already too crowded with vehicles towards alternative routes avoiding additional queues and streamlining bottlings.

The system uses one combination of GPS and v2v (ieee 802.11p) to locate the car within a certain area, assign it a "token" (a limited number is available for the area in question) and divert excess cars tokens run out or when the traffic limit is reached towards less traveled roads. 802.11p technology, a variant of Wi-Fi, makes coin redistribution faster, increasing RoadRunner's efficiency in preventing and untangling traffic jams.

According to tests carried out by MIT on ten cars, RoadRunner would be able to increase by 7.7% the average speed of cars stuck in the most intense traffic. Another advantage of the system that does not require toll booths or other expensive infrastructures to function, but only the phone of the driver: It can be used quickly almost anywhere, the MIT researchers declared. For now, in the prototype phase, RoadRunner was built as an app for Android, but it may be in the future installed in the new communication systems of cars.


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