Ride the Way, the app for real motorcyclists

Ride the Way, the app for real motorcyclists

Offline maps, synchronization with travel companions and lots of news. Bosch offers the app for those preparing to go on two wheels

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Mount the bags, fasten the helmet, make gasoline, download the app. Starting a ritual in motion made of scrupulous controls and established automatisms. The very personal list of 54 thousand centaurs (so many are the downloads) has been extended by one line thanks to Ride the Way, the app wanted by Bosch and dedicated to the lovers of two wheels.The project born and conceived in Italy, where the passion for motorcycles beats strong, to then expand beyond our borders, explains Cinzia Loiodice, head of the Automotive Marketing division of the German group. From 2012 to date, the application has been enriched with ever new features, with an orientation to innovation equal to that of those who promoted it. Bosch in fact bet for the bikes even before it became mandatory by law, making safety the cornerstone of its policy. Moving from a historically top level position with regards to the four wheels (30.6 billion billed in 2013, 66% of the total) to one of relief also when it comes to two.

Ride the Way the extra gear. Allows to share stories and itineraries, and to keep up to date with news on the past, the present and the future of motorcycle technology and the great drivers. The updated version allows the download maps for offline consultation. So if you are abroad without a navigator, or in the middle of the mountain passes, you don't lose the right path anyway. Straight only in order to say why the real fun comes on curves and winding roads, alone or in groups. And in order not to lose any member of the snake that came the option LiveSync, useful a geolocalize travel companions in a tap and their position along the route. If someone has a problem, they can always warn others by pressing the button alert, which is equivalent to a digital SOS launched to the rest of the caravan.

These features are already available for the version iOS, Android and online web app. Bearing in mind that the Freemium formula, for which the basic version is free but the most intriguing functions such as LiveSync is download maps they are available for a fee. Once the interface is customized based on the type of vehicle and the driving characteristics, you can search for events and fairs in the events section or even explore or enrich the list of routes. The database originally contained 100 classic itineraries, now up to 1600 with valuable user contributions. Their actual feasibility is verified by a team of Bosch experts. To savor and share the passion for travel and discovery to the full and safely.


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