Review Vernee Thor E, excellent autonomy but software to be reviewed

Review Vernee Thor E, excellent autonomy but software to be reviewed

Vernee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has been on display in recent years for the creation of entry-level smartphones with good features. The company is relatively young, so it cannot boast a large number of devices in its catalog. One of the latest products to be marketed the Vernee Thor E. Successor of the Vernee Thor, offers a series of features that break with the past to offer a better end user experience. After trying it, I wrote the review Vernee Thor E which I propose below.

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I had the chance to try the device that gave me the chance to write the Vernee Thor E review for a few weeks. It can currently be purchased on Amazon. If you are considering the purchase of this smartphone, then I advise you to continue reading our complete Vernee Thor E review.

Review Vernee Thor E: excellent autonomy but operating system still not up to par

Design and sales package

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The Vernee Thor is a smartphone characterized by a squared design. Taking it in hand you almost have the perception of holding a Huawei P9 lite. There is no physical key on the front and 90% of the surface occupied by the 5 HD display. The back instead has a polycarbonate back cover, with a glass band placed at the top where the camera (from 8MP with 13MP interpolation) and the LED flash have been placed. There is also a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and the speaker, located in the lower band of the back cover.

On the left side there are the volume rocker and the on / off button. The input for recharging, in microUSB format, has been placed on the lower side while the headphones can be connected on the upper side. On the left, finally, we find the slot for inserting two SIMs or a SIM and a microSD and a quick key that allows you to activate the energy saving mode. The anonymous design but the form factor allows an excellent grip, allowing even the use with one hand. Furthermore the back cover is not particularly slippery. So a cover is not necessary to improve the grip of the smartphone. The very basic sales package: in addition to the smartphone, in fact, only the charger is present Fast Charger with output up to 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A. The pin is not missing to extract the SIM cart.

Hardware performance

As for the technical sector, the Vernee Thor E equipped with a 64bit Mediatek octa core processor MTK6753, flanked by the Mali-T720 graphics card. The RAM available from the 3GB operating system while the storage space is only 16GB. Fortunately, there is the possibility of expanding the internal memory via microSD up to a maximum of 128GB. Although the processor is a model that was released by Mediatek 2 years ago, it manages to perform all daily operations very well. Using messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, sending emails and surfing on Facebook is not a problem.

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After the first seconds of loading the app, the interface flows smoothly and without particular slowdowns. Even satisfactory web browsing, although I could notice a series of blockages or slowdowns when I had the need to visit sites that require more processor effort. In general you can use the smartphone for all daily operations while you have to be patient when you have to do more expensive operations.

As for the gaming department, I managed to run games like Real Racing 3 without any kind of problem. I tried other entry-level smartphones that couldn't play 3D graphics games. Vernee Thor But he didn't give any kind of problem. In the game's interface not all the graphic details such as reflections or rear-view mirrors were present, so you can play without interruptions or slowdowns of any kind. The frame rate is slightly lower but nothing transcendental. The graphics card therefore does its job very well even when a minimum power requirement is required.

Finally, with regard to the antennas, there is 4G connectivity with support for all Italian networks. Unfortunately I found a series of problems in my daily experience. For example, at home I can hardly ever catch the 4G. Which instead other smartphones do without problems. Moreover, a minimal instability of the signal leads to the closure of the call after a few seconds of conversation. Where instead the signal is at maximum power I have not encountered any kind of problem. The fingerprint sensor instead works very well. It always recognizes the fingertip and the release happens in a fraction of a second.


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The display is a 5 IPS unit with HD resolution. These features lead to a pixel density of 294ppi. In a market dominated by smartphones with full HD or 4K resolution, 720p can be few. If you compare the display of the Vernee Thor E with another of higher resolution, the difference would be visible. But during daily use there is no problem whatsoever. Indeed, to benefit from the battery and the graphics processor, which must handle fewer pixels and in general the smartphone is put under less pressure. The well-defined graphic interface and the pixels of the writing are noticed only at a distance of a few centimeters.

Being an IPS panel, blacks are not absolute and even looking at the smartphone frontally you can see how they veer a lot towards gray. Whites, on the other hand, are well balanced and do not turn n towards lazzurro n towards yellow. In general we are not talking about a high-end display, but the colors are well managed and no alteration is noticed even when cutting. In direct sunlight, on the other hand, it is slightly difficult to visualize the interface also by enabling the automatic management of the brightness. The operating system allows you to activate the night mode, very useful for not straining your eyes. By activating this mode, the interface tends to warmer colors. Unfortunately it is not possible to enable it automatically as it happens on the iPhone.

Operating system

On Vernee Thor E debuts VOS, the Vernee Operative System developed internally by Vernee. a ROM based on Android 7.0 stock, with some customizations added by the manufacturer. One of the positive aspects of this operating system is the elimination of the old-style graphic interface of Mediatek devices, found for example in the camera and in other system apps. Vernee has modernized the entire system, following the graphic canons of material design.

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Among the additions that I appreciated the most I would like to mention above all the possibility of being able to use gestures to unlock the smartphone, mute a call or start the camera. Unfortunately not all that glitters is gold. Since VOS is the first release, there are bugs, some of which are very annoying. I start from what has told me more annoyances: many people, in fact, encounter problems with the system microphone.

Activating the command OK Google, during the call the microphone is not activated. The result is that our interlocutor will not hear us from activating and then deactivating the speaker. Disabling OK Google, the microphone starts working again on a call. For trying to send a voice message on WhatsApp or Telegram, it will be silent. The problem is not hardware but software. The company is aware of the bug but still failed to solve it.

I found another problem with DuraSpeed, a service that should optimize battery life. It acts on the apps in the background, sometimes causing a delay in receiving notifications. I tried to disable this feature but I was unable to do so because the app crashed every time I ran it.

The bugs are present in this first release of VOS. Fortunately, development proceeds constantly and at least one update is received a month. During the weeks I tried Vernee Thor E I made at least three system updates.


The system speaker was placed in the back of the smartphone. Its placement can be both a positive and a negative aspect. Positive if you go to place your smartphone on a reflective surface. It will in fact amplify the sound coming out of the case. If instead you go to place the device on a sofa for example, the sound will be absorbed almost completely. It would certainly have been preferable to place the speaker on the underside of the Vernee Thor E.

As for the quality, during the reproduction of the musical pieces you can notice the complete absence of the low tones. If you want to appreciate a piece of music in your interest, use a pair of headphones, which are not included in the package.


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The camera has always been one of the negative aspects of entry-level smartphones. The Vernee Thor E is no exception. The technical specifications include a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. In reality, the lenses are respectively 8MP with 13MP interpolation and 2MP with 5MP interpolation. This means that software processing is performed on each photo taken.

In low light conditions and indoors the photos have a lot of noise. The contours of the figures are not well defined and a minimal zoom is enough to shell the image. Outdoors and with more light the situation improves. Focus is often not optimal and it is easy to lose focus when you are shooting. Furthermore, the colors are not very faithful to reality and tend to be very faded.


The battery looks better than this smartphone. It is a 5020mAh unit. Despite its large capacity, it does not have any impact on the dimensions (thickness) or on the overall weight of the Vernee Thor E. Being able to take advantage of an HD display and the low performance of the CPU and GPU, I managed to obtain very satisfactory results with regards to the autonomy.

From the tests carried out, with one charge I managed to cover almost two days of using the smartphone, being able to boast about 8/9 hours of screen on. Certainly the results are very positive with regards to this aspect and difficult to achieve the same results with other smartphones.


Even Vernee, like Xiaomi and other companies in the sector, has begun to follow the path of self-development of the operating system. Certainly a move to praise, but the results are currently not satisfactory. The Vernee Thor E features a number of interesting features for an entry-level smartphone. The exceptional battery, the fingerprint sensor works optimally and the overall performance of the phone is good.

Unfortunately the good hardware features are not supported by an operating system at the height. There are still some bugs that often create problems when using basic functions such as the microphone during the call. The effort by the company is evident but at present it is difficult to recommend this smartphone to people who are not used to technology. The development in any case continues and I am sure that future software updates will lead to solving the problems mentioned above. If after reading this review Vernee Thor and you are interested in buying the device, I remind you that you can find it on Amazon at a price below 90.