Router, Access Point e Ripetitore dodocool

Review: Router, Access Point and dodocool Repeater

Router, Access Point and dodocool Repeater

Who does not have particular connection needs, finds himself using the router supplied by the telephone operator. I myself find myself in this category of users. I own a router provided by Tiscali, for I found some limitations in the connection. The problem, in my case, that I cannot replace it with another router with integrated modem, because otherwise calls via Voip would no longer work. This problem has led me to look for a different solution that is also economic.

With Tiscali's current router, for example, I cannot connect the printer via Wi-Fi to the network. Furthermore, the Tiscali modem has no external antenna and when passing from one room to another, the quality of the signal deteriorates in sight. The Router, Access Point and dodocool Repeater was the right solution to this problem.

Router, Access Point and dodocool repeater

As I said, I look for a purely economic solution as an alternative, also because I have no particular connectivity needs. On Amazon there are several products that can solve my problem, and among others I wanted to test the Dodocool router with Access Point and Repeater functionality. The model the dodocool N300, a very economical 3-in-1 product, which allowed me to solve the network problems I had at home. If you are interested in understanding how it works and the features of the routerdodocool N300, then continue reading this review.

Dodocool WiFi repeater

The WiFi repeater dodocool N300 a product that can function as a Router, Access Point and Repeater, depending on how it is configured. Before proceeding, I would like to outline the functioning of the three methods just mentioned. All the products supplied by telephone companies, as well as routers, are also modems.

To clarify the different functions of these devices, we specify the following. The modem the component that creates the connection. The router instead it transmits the signal via Wi-Fi network. The product of dodocool only works as a router, but does not integrate the modem module. This means that, if you need to use it with this mode, you have to rely on another device that also integrates the modem module. The simplest solution is to use the modem provided by the telephone company and pair the dodocool product to transmit the Wi-Fi signal (this is the solution I adopted in my specific case).

A Access Point instead it hooks up to an already existing Wi-Fi signal and allows access to the internet of another device by connecting it to the Access Point via an Ethernet cable. A Repeaterfinally, it hooks up an already existing Wi-Fi signal and creates a second Wi-Fi network that retransmits this signal. This last solution is very useful for extending the reach of your wireless network.

dodocool repeater

After the necessary introduction, I would like to talk to you about how the product works Router, Access Point and dodocool Repeater N300. The device is very compact and connects directly to an electrical outlet. This aspect allows us to place it directly on the wall, without the need to use a support surface. It has two external antennas with a supported frequency of 2.4GHz and n / b / g technology. Finally, in the lower part, two Ethernet ports allow you to exploit all the potential that the product offers. Using a side button you can choose the operating mode (between router, access point and repeater), while a button on the front allows supported devices to connect to Wi-Fi via WPS technology.

The configuration interface can be accessed via the PC. also present the Italian language but I do not recommend its use. The translation is not very precise, and it is often difficult to understand what to do to finish the configuration. For this reason, if you are familiar with English, I suggest you use this language to proceed. Once the router configuration was completed and the product was connected to the Tiscali modem, I carried out some tests to verify its functioning. Compared to the router I used previously, the gain was particularly noticeable especially in positions distant from the modem station.

Of the 20Mbps connection, at the point farthest from the router, I previously received a signal of about 10Mbps. Now, with the dodocool product, the speed rises to 15Mbps, even with a greater signal stability. Furthermore, I was able to solve the problem of my network printer, which now manages to connect without problems. Also the ping of the connection is very low, and is around 15ms (compared to the 20ms I obtained previously).

dodocool router


Thanks to dodocool N300 I managed to solve all the connection problems I had with the internet. Certainly an economic product, and this turns into the absence of all the latest technologies (especially the lack of 5GHz frequency and technology B.C). For this reason I especially recommend it to all users who have no particular needs.

I remind you that the Router, Access Point and dodocool Repeater N300 can be purchased on Amazon.

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