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Review: Meross WiFi LED bulb

meross wifi bulb

Those who love smart home systems cannot neglect Meross products, a company that mainly supplies WiFi products in partnerships with major brands such as Microsoft, MTK, Cisco, TP-LINK. If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, more so you will have to look carefully at Meros products, because they can easily connect via voice commands.

Meross colored LED WiFi bulb

The product we present today is a Meross LED WiFi bulb, dimmable and adjustable in light intensity and in the choice of colors through the Meross app on your Android or iPhone smartphone. We have already seen the review of the smart socket that can be controlled by the app or via a speaker home while sitting comfortably on the sofa.

In the simple ecological cardboard package we find the dimmable bulb with a very elegant design and a small guide, quite comprehensive to make the smart product work. It is useful to mount on a lamp in the living room or near the TV, or in a room to provide different settings with the many variations of colors.

Features of the WiFi bulb

The Meross E27 dimmable LED bulb has integrated WiFi and an A + energy efficiency class. It is a long lasting product, to the point that making it work for 3 hours a day can last up to 22 years. Not a little for the average life of a light bulb and also has an energy consumption of only 9W equivalent to 60W (700 Lumen).

meross led bulb

It is a winning combination with the smart socket from Meross, so you can control two different light sources and start introducing home automation to your home. Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT voice commands, as well as being controlled via the Meross app on your Android and iPhone smartphone. With voice or app, you can adjust the brightness, adjust the appearance of the light and configure up to 16 million colors.

How to configure the Meross bulb

To configure the smart light bulb, first you need to download the app on your smartphone and install it. Now you have to connect and turn on the light bulb and you will see that it will change in color and intensity, demonstrating that the configuration phase has started. To add a new device, from the app you need to click on the "+"Selecting Smart Bulb on the next page to add the smart light bulb.

meross app

Go ahead and if you have not yet mounted the light bulb, then do it now and make sure the switch is on and check if the light bulb illuminates 3 times. Now you will see the WiFi network created by Meross appear

install meross bulb

Pressing on the button Go to the Wi-Fi settings, the Wi-Fi settings will open on the device be it Android or iPhone. Click on it to connect to the called network Meross_LB_xxxx.

Once you have connected to the WiFi network, return to the Meross app and click on the command I'm connected to Smart Bulb Wi-Fi.

app meross activation

Now we need to select the icon that is closest to the light source. Press on the button Next one and the app connects via WiFi with the light bulb. If all goes well, you can control the WiFi Meross LED bulb from the app.

configure meross light bulb

In addition to turning the Smart Blub on and off, you can also change the intensity and color to our liking using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can set the color mode, set the white light mode (from hot to cold) and set the intensity for each color. If you also have a smart speaker like Amazon Echo, you can control the light bulb by voice command not only to turn it on or off, but also to change color and change the intensity.


These are devices that are spreading quickly in our homes to enjoy the benefits of the Internet of things, controlling many devices and appliances in our homes via WiFi. If you wish to purchase the Meross WiFi LED bulb you can do so by going to the following Amazon link.