Review Logitech MX Master 3: how to reinvent the wheel

Review Logitech MX Master 3: how to reinvent the wheel

Review Logitech MX Master 3

I know that the mouse is always the last accessory you think of when buying a new computer. Indeed, one does not think of it at all, so much is the old one that still works! In general, it is only changed when it no longer works or starts to give trouble. I challenge anyone who doesn't think so. And yet, a simple mouse can greatly improve its productivity when we have to put ourselves in front of the computer for work. Do not you believe it? Try reading this review of the Logitech MX Master 3 WiFi mouse and you will realize it. After connecting the mouse to the computer, I discovered how a scroll wheel can change the way you work.

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3 pack

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a mouse for everyone, but can be appreciated more by those who carry out creative activities, software developers, engineers and those who need to use the mouse in an advanced way. The customizable settings of the innovative electromagnetic scroll wheel allow you to perfect this mouse to be used at best with any software. Moreover, the other relevant aspect that can control up to three PCs (Windows, MacOS and / or Linux), so that it can accompany you in every phase of your multi-device activities. And now let's get into more about this new Logitech mouse.

The scroll wheel: this protagonist

The most relevant innovation that Logitech has thought of proposing with MX Master 3 the scroll wheel, updated in this new version with the electromagnetic technology called MagSpeed, which allows you to switch easily between the different sliding modes. What distinguishes the Logitech solution from what is offered by competing products is the fluidity with which the wheel runs.

Logitech MX Master 3 above

made of stainless steel and has a particular specificity: it is influenced by the presence of two electromagnets. In the mode in which the wheel scrolls line by line, the two electromagnets are in opposite polarity and the magnetic force intervenes on the teeth of the gear. These will be influenced by giving more or less force to the wheel, improving the accuracy of line-by-line scrolling.

Instead, in the free-sliding mode, when the wheel turns quickly and without friction, the electric current changes the polarity of the electric magnets, so the magnetic force does not interact with the steel wheel, leaving the wheel to run faster up to 1,000 lines per second.

You can easily switch between the two modes by pressing the button located above the scroll wheel, or using SmartShift (to be activated in the software), which regulates the mode in which the wheel is moved. The SmartShift function is very useful when scrolling through long documents, PDFs, listings or spreadsheets. The free speed mode allows you to quickly scroll through many pages until you have reached the section you wanted. When you reposition your finger on the wheel, you will be able to scroll more precisely to go to the line of the paragraph you were looking for.

New ergonomic keys

MX Master 3 stands out from the other versions, also thanks to a new layout of the buttons and a renewed thumb rest, which makes the use more comfortable and intuitive. The keys are designed with muscle memory in mind. The buttons at the thumb – lo Thumb scroller for horizontal scrolling, i back and forth buttons – they are all stacked above the thumb rest. The thumb rest also provided a Gestures button which can be programmed to perform an action when pressed, and other actions if pressed by moving the mouse in one of the four directions.

MX Master 3 wheel

On the top we find the scroller wheel and the key "Change mode”To manually switch from free scrolling to page scrolling.

The mouse is quite large, especially in height. Not a limit, but it gives the palm a delicate, structured rest, to facilitate the rest of the hand during use.

Use and mouse connections

The wireless mouse uses a USB type A receiver that connects to the PC via a 2.4 GHz band up to 10 meters of distance. If you use other Logitech products, using the Logitech unifying receiver, you can only use one receiver for up to six products, which is very useful if you are short of doors. You can also connect the MX Master 3 mouse without a receiver via Bluetooth Low Energy (wireless technology based on a radio frequency in the free band of 2.4 GHz), particularly useful if you need to pair a device that does not have type A USB ports.

Logitech MX Master 3 below

On the underside of the mouse is the power switch and a button to control which PC you want the mouse to control between the three possible. It may seem inconvenient, but if you enable the function Flow of Logitech in the software that we will see below, this allows you to control up to three PCs with the same mouse and you do not need to press any button to move it from one screen to another. You can also find one USB-C port to connect the cable included in the package to charge the mouse.

How to work with MX Master 3

The new MX Master 3 equipped with Darkfield sensor of Logitech with a Maximum CPI (counts per inch, also called DPI) of 4,000, which is high for a productivity mouse (low for a high speed gaming mouse). You can still change the speed using the software using a simple cursor.

Logitech MX Master 3 ergonomics

The laser sensor designed to work on any surface, including glass with at least 4 mm thickness. But also on a wooden, plastic table, a marble top without any problem.

The new scroll wheel of the MX Master 3 is intended to increase flexibility. You can switch between long and fast scrolling – like when searching for something in a listing or spreadsheet – at a precise scrolling line by line – like when you're reading an article – with just one touch. The mouse capable of interpreting which mode you want to activate with your touch on the mouse.

The layout that Logitech has prepared for the buttons allows you to access them easily without taking your hand off the mouse (except for changing the scroll wheel mode). You can make the mouse even more effective by programming the button functions from the software Logitech Options.

The mouse software preloaded with profiles for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge is Microsoft Office. If you have one of these software, the profiles will be automatically implemented after installing the software. This is a new feature of the MX Master line.

Logitech Options app default

If you don't like the setting set by Logitech for a certain software, you can of course disable the profile or create your own. Since I often have several Chrome windows open at the same time, I programmed the gesture button to show the Chrome desktop.

One mouse for three PCs with Logitech Flow

MX Master 3 equipped with the technology Logitech Flow, which allows you to use an accessory like the mouse to control and send files, text and images on up to three PCs. To use it, you need the software Logitech Options on each PC, while, to transfer information, the devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Logitech Options flow

For example, if you have two PCs placed next to each other, selecting their layout on the Logitech software we can make the mouse cursor move from a monitor to the adjacent one simply by bringing it closer to the edges of the screen. As we said, this mouse designed especially for users like programmers, engineers and other professionals with the need for the mouse to move seamlessly across three PCs as if it were one.

Functionality and software

Nothing removes the fact that you can connect MX Master 3 to the computer and immediately get to work, but if you want to buy this mouse to use it with several PCs or to program one of the buttons, you need to install the free software Logitech Options. Experienced users will be able to appreciate the possibility of modifying the functions of the buttons based on a specific app. You can also control all mouse movements.

Logitech Options configuration

Intuitive button programming and requires no special skills, since Logitech makes it very simple by providing a wide range of options. It even recommends actions for some gestures, such as using the scroll wheel mode button to open a new Chrome tab.

You can activate Logitech Flow in the software with just the click of a button in Options and about 60 seconds of waiting; it couldn't be easier. With Flow activated, the mouse will switch to the next PC, choosing to move to a specific edge or hold down Ctrl and move to an edge of a screen of your choice. The devices are even identified with a color to avoid confusion.

Logitech MX Master 3

It is also possible to activate a practical icon on the taskbar, on which you can easily deactivate Flow or enter the settings by clicking the right mouse button.

How long does the battery last?

MX Master 3 has a battery life of up to 70 days with a full charge (via the USB-C mouse port and USB-C type A cable included). To avoid a sudden stop of the mouse, the software has a battery indicator and next to the wheel there is also a small light that turns red when the charge level is low.


The WiFi MX Master 3 mouse a professional device with a cost of around 100, which allows you to control multiple PCs and make customizations for different software. If you use the mouse in standard mode, obviously this product is not for you, and in this case it is better to buy something cheaper. If you are looking for something more than a classic mouse, this is the most complete one, with the best productivity experience I've tried so far.