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Retina Display: first attacks on the primacy of the iPhone 4 screen

Retina Display: first attacks on the primacy of the iPhone 4 screen – Macitynet.it

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During his keynote, Steve Jobs overestimated the qualities of Retina Display, the ultra-high resolution screen integrated in iPhone 4. This is what two first attacks launched by Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate and expert in display panels, claim, and also by a Samsung spokesperson. While considering Retina Display as the best screen to date integrated into a smartphone, the president of DisplayMate believes that Jobs' claims about the resolution per inch and the perception of the human eye are not completely accurate. Soneira points out that pixels can be effectively invisible to the human eye only with resolutions of at least 477 pixels per inch, while iPhone 4 offers a resolution of 326 pixels per inch. During the keynote Steve Jobs said that the human eye cannot perceive higher resolutions with resolutions over 300 pixels per inch.

Finally, Soneira points out that with iPhone 4 the perfect vision, and therefore the inability of the eye to distinguish individual pixels, is possible only at a distance between 1.5 and 2 feet, equal to about 45 centimeters and 60 centimeters. A detail that Steve Jobs would have omitted from his presentation for marketing reasons, according to Soneira's opinion.

On the other hand, Samsung's attack launched from the pages of The Korean Herald in which the technological superiority of AMOLED screens is declared compared to the very high resolution of the Retina Display. Samsung claims that the difference in quality guaranteed by the increased resolution of the iPhone 4 offers benefits in the order of 3-5%, making it 30% higher for energy consumption for managing the largest number of pixels. Conversely, the AMOLED screen is already integrated in some Samsung smartphones capable of not only reducing consumption compared to any LCD screen but also of drastically improving vision thanks to the contrast ratio, color rendering and superior response times. Finally, according to the spokesman Samsung Retina Display improves the viewing angle compared to traditional LCD screens thanks to IPS technology in any case only AMOLED screens are able to offer a perfect view from any angle.

Also according to Samsung's spokesman, Apple may have rejected the integration of an AMOLED screen in the iPhone 4 due to the factories' inability to generate enough pieces for Apple orders. The second reason that may have prompted Cupertino to choose the Retina Display is the agreement for 500 million dollars for the supply of LCD screens signed with LG, not only for iPhones but also for other Apple systems. However, finally specifies the Samsung spokesman Cupertino never turned to Samsung to deal with a possible supply of AMOLED screens for the iPhone.

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