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Repair iPhone 4: the DIY repair guide from iFixit

The iFixit engineering team has released the iPhone 4 Repair Manual, a DIY repair guide for Apple's latest smartphone. The guide contains almost 200 instructions explained step by step and over 100 images that accompany the user in the various phases to disassemble, remove and replace all the main components, in particular those most subject to wear, damage and various failures.

iPhone 4 Repair Manual consisting of 10 sections dedicated to as many components: the battery, the main Home button, the speaker, the Dock connector, the motherboard, the vibration module, the instructions to disassemble and replace the front and rear cameras rear, interventions to replace the front and rear panels.

IFixit experts report that users can relatively easily remove and replace the iPhone's rear panel in the event of a fall and damage, while replacing the front panel is much more complex. In the new iPhone 4 the front panel perfectly integrated with the LCD screen and with the multi-touch sensors, making any intervention on the individual elements almost impossible. In the event of a fault or a crack, the entire block of elements must be replaced, at least until iFixit manages to find a possible solution to separate the components.

The iFixit do-it-yourself iPhone 4 repair guide available from this web page. To proceed with repairs, you must wait for iFixit to complete the test and selection process of the components at the end of which the various parts can be purchased from this section of iFixit.

iFixit iPhone 4 repair guide