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Renault INCIT-EV experiments with electric charging in Europe

The Renault Group has announced the launch of the INCIT-EV project, in collaboration with 32 partners in Europe: the aim is to promote electromobility with user-focused trials of innovative technologies for electric vehicle charging.

To respond to the need to test charging technologies in real conditions such as Contactless Dynamic Charging (CDC) (2) – and to structure the ecosystem as a whole, the Renault Group has decided to participate in the Commission's call for projects on electric charging European.

In this context, Renault has created a consortium; About thirty industrialists, universities, institutes, municipalities, start-ups and SMEs have welcomed the initiative, with the shared desire to promote electromobility in Europe with experiments focused on users of electric vehicles.

The new Renault Zoe will arrive before the end of the year

The Renault INCIT-EV project for electric recharging, which will last for 48 months, from January 2020 to December 2023, is divided into two phases:

  • A phase of study of the needs and constraints of consumers, which will be followed, from April 2020, by the study of charging technologies and their integration into infrastructures.
  • An on-site demonstration phase of 7 technologies, from the second half of 2022 until the end of the project:

– Dynamic inductive charging system in an urban environment, in Paris in France; – High-power charging systems, on the outskirts of Tallinn in Estonia; -Improved smart vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging, in Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands ; – Dynamic inductive charging system in the peri-urban / long-range area, in Versailles in France; – Charging hub in a car sharing car park, on the outskirts of Turin in Italy; – V2G low power charging (including the two-wheeled vehicles) and static inductive charging, in the taxi lanes at the airport and central station of Zaragoza in Spain.

The Renault Group, which at the origin of the INCIT-EV project consortium, is also the coordinator. In this capacity, the Group acts as an interface between the European Commission and all partners and oversees technical development, budget and planning.

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