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Reduce data traffic consumption on Android: Opera Max and Onavo …

Ridurre consumo di traffico dati su Android

Close to reaching the data traffic threshold of their own plan, generally we find ourselves obliged to reduce the use of WhatsApp, Facebook and other instant messaging applications. As for the updating of the apps, for obvious reasons, we tend to postpone it. With today's post, to meet your needs, I will try to explain how reduce the consumption of data traffic on Android through two applications: Opera Max saves on data is Onavo Extend Data Savings.

In a nutshell, when you are online, you download data, of which some are indispensable, especially in the case of mobile devices, while others are not at all. Among those of the second type include, for example, large images, which perhaps are more suited to the computer screen than to the display of a smartphone or tablet, advertisements, especially those in video format.

For obvious reasons, when downloading, separate i useful data from those unnecessary impossible. For this purpose, on the Play Store there are several applications perfectly capable of ensuring internet data savings on Android device. Theirs modus operandi more or less the same, given that, with the exception of encrypted data (editor's note for security issues), before they reach the phone, it is up to external servers to analyze and clean them. Only later, the data arrives at the terminal lighter.

What applications to download in reference to such as reduce the consumption of data traffic on Android?

Opera Max saves on data

Opera Max saves on data: a free application, compatible with Android 4.0 or later, which after installation manages to better manage the data traffic, compressing it without distinction (applications, games, images, audio tracks and videos). Result? You will have in your hands a mobile device that consumes less data, ensuring a much faster internet browsing. The only drawback of Opera Max saves on data the presence of some too many banners, even if they are not invasive.

Onavo Extend Data Savings how to reduce the consumption of data traffic on Android

Onavo Extend Data Savings: the operating logic of this free application, owned by Facebook since last year, it does not differ much from the previous one. The algorithms are not very precise and the compression of Youtube or Vimeo videos is not exactly the best. However, it does inform you about data traffic spared.

In short, when there is little to achieve data traffic threshold of their own plan Opera Max saves on data and Onavo Extend Data Savings are the top.

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