Record phone calls on iPhone

Record phone calls on iPhone and iOS 8.4


Save and record calls on iPhone with iOS 8.4. Program to record calls on iPhone. Program to save calls on iPhone updated to iOS 8.4

Recording of iPhone calls withOS 8.4

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Record phone calls on iPhone with iOS 8.4 now possible with AudioRecorder 2

Want to record calls and calls on iPhones and iOS 8.4? Do you want to save your calls and conversations directly from your iPhone updated to iOS 8.4? The program AudioRecorder 2 what you need, but to use it you must have the jailbreak.

Call recording for iPhone updated adiOS 8.4

If you need for any reason save and record calls and calls on iPhone, Cydia's tweakAudioRecorder 2 perfect to achieve your goal. It is a very easy to use program that allows you to save all the calls you want in the memory of your iPhone.

Record phone calls on iOS 8.4 with AudioRecorder 2!

The tweak recently updated for support the new operating system iOS 8.4.

As anticipated,AudioRecorder 2 allows you to completely record a phone call on iPhone with iOS 8.4: the interlocutor's output audio will be saved in the file, as will the audio input from the microphone. In practice it will be recorded the call and the call completely on your iPhone.

AudioRecorder 2 allows you to completely record a phone call both the interlocutor's output audio and the audio input from the microphone, also compatible with FaceTime calls and Facebook calls.It's a very complete tweak, too bad it's available only for those with Jailbreak.

How do I use AudioRecorder 2 to record calls and phone calls on iPhone?

Using AudioRecorder 2 is very easy and in a few moments you will be ready for save and record your calls and calls on iPhone.

How to record iPhone calls with iOS 8.4

First of all you have to download the AudioRecorder 2 tweak from Cydia. Once this is done, activate it from the Settings of your iPhone. After activating the tweak, simply make or receive a call and activate, by double tapping the status bar, the floating button that allows you to record calls on iPhone.

Once you have recorded them, you can listen to the calls by opening the AudioRecord app: directly from the application you can also share or delete all audio recordings.

As if that were not enough, you will also have many available settings within the AudioRecorder 2 program:

  • Enabled: enable / disable tweak
  • Play Warning Audio Messagge: play an audio message that warns of the start of recording
  • Play a beep: play a sound before the start of recording
  • Activation Methods: choose how to activate the tweak
  • System Audio: also record all system sounds, such as the sound of a notification
  • Telephony (Phone), FaceTime, (Facebook) Messenger Calls: choose whether to record all calls with the (Automatically Record All Calls) option or choose contacts to automatically record their calls.

But the functions of AudioRecorder 2 don't end there: the program, in fact, also allows you to save your files on the clout within services such asDropbox, Google Drive or on a local server. This way you will be sure to always save and secure your calls and phone calls recorded on the iPhone. In fact, if you lose your iPhone, your files and the calls you have recorded will be automatically saved on the cloud and will always be available.

So, you are convinced of the goodness ofAudioRecorder 2? What are you waiting for to download and installAudioRecorder 2 on your iPhone? The only requirement, as anticipated, is to have the jailbreak and iOS 8.4 on your iPhone.

How to record phone calls from the updated iPhone adiOS 8.4

IMPORTANT: remember that record telephone calls without authorization from the illegal interlocutor.

Record phone calls on iPhone: here is the guide

I would say that now really everything. Are you ready for record and save calls and calls on your iPhone quickly and easily.If interested in this tweak, you can download and install it from the following repo:

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