Save and download MP3 songs from Apple Music to listen to them offline

Record Music from Apple Music to MAC


Apple Music available for a few days and although there are conflicting opinions on the net, at the moment it presents itself as a valid alternative to the names known as Spotify and Deezer and the hunt for the method to record the music from the available radio stations has already started.

Indeed on Apple Music Radio stations are also available which will certainly grow over time and today we will go to see a method for record a broadcast or song and then feel it again when we want. No voice recording function is integrated on iTunes but for those who own OSx and a device with iOS 8.4 it will be possible to record music from Apple Music quickly.

Initially we must disable the automatic lock iPhone or iPad going in Settings -> General -> Auto Lock -> Never and then open the music app on our device by moving to the Radio tab and then go to Listen Now and finally Beats 1. Once the music starts, we connect the device to the MAC via cable, open QuickTime Player and select the item New audio recording under File.

As soon as the window opens, click on the small V next to the registration button and select your iPhone or iPad and automatically after pressing the button start recording start recording even if you don't hear any sound. The save format isM4A-MPEG4 format ready to sync with iPad and iPhone with iTunes.

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