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Recognize music from Android: the best applications

Shazam riconoscere la musica da Android

How many times have you happened to listen to onesong, maybe on the radio or as the soundtrack of a movie, without knowing the title? If until a few years ago you contacted your friend who was an expert in music in the party or your uncle collector of albums, today there are applications that indicate the title of the piece, without problems. With today's article I point out the best applications forrecognize music from Android.

Shazam: the most renowned of the applications, able to reveal the title of the songs, thanks to the identification of the music in the background. Conditio sine qua non for correct operation, one is active Data connection, because it is precisely through this that the query to its vast online archive takes place. Following identification, Shazam shows you the text of the audio track being played, the link where to buy the song and information about the artist and year.

SoundCloud recognize music from Android

SoundHound: in addition to being rightfully one of the most valid applications recognize music from Android, also the main competitor of Shazam. The operating logic is more or less the same, given that the data connection must be active. The graphics are very captivating and the functions are numerous: from the homescreen it is possible to access the most searched songs, view, following the query, all the possible and imaginable information on the song, album, artist or band (where available, links are also reported to Facebook and Twitter accounts), links to online music streaming services and suggestions based on the completed search.

The differences between the two most famous applications reside in the fact that both are able to search for songs whose title you do not know, even later if there is no internet connection. Except that SoundHound needs your active intervention while Shazam able to do it automatically. In reference to the background music, broadcast during a film or during a television program, only Shazam can identify the title. SoundHound no.

TrackID recognize music from Android

TrackID: continuing the list of the best applications recognize music from Android, we can not help but mention the one developed by Sony. Excellent in terms of identification of the title, only that at the level of speed two spans below the previous resources. The tab showing the results of the search songs it is divided into two parts: the first contains all the information relating to the audio track, such as the album of belonging, the link on Youtube and that of some online stores to purchase it; the second contains all the information about the artist or the band on duty (biography and best-known songs).

Google Sound Search recognize music from Android

Google Sound Search: we end the list with the resource of colossus of Mountain View. Immediate in terms of operation, but essential for the number of functions. To identify the titles of the audio tracks, just press the button in the widget and wait for the results.

These are the best applications recognize music from Android. If you happen to listen songs whose words, rhythm and artist you know perfectly well, identifying the title will no longer be a problem.

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