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Recognition of writing in MacOs X

Handwriting recognition in MacOs X

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Apple is developing new handwriting recognition software. The ZDNet scoop which yesterday published a detailed report on the functionality of this new product. Rosetta stele, this is its code name, or InkWell descends directly from the software that was in one on Newton and should see the light soon, a lot probably with the release of the definitive version of MacOs X even if it is not excluded that a version for MacOs 9.x can be realized. InkWell, according to ZDNet, in addition to recognizing the writing would also be able to operate additional functions and control part of the operating system, building new folders, closing files and opening applications. All this would be done through a control panel which, by mediating the use of conventional signs, would transmit instructions to the operating system. InkWell in turn would receive input from a traditional graphics tablet (and Apple would be working with Wacom to offer studies designed specifically for this purpose) by processing the writing in a transparent and effective manner. According to some sources, the software would also recognize less easy writing by formatting the text correctly. The mechanism, says ZDNet, is quite simple. The user will write on a graphic tablet, the text will be reported on a sort of "blackboard" which will convert what is written in editable text to regular cycles of a few seconds. The buttons on the pen will be programmable, so as to be used to operate on the system, but the tablet, as mentioned, can impose commands normally sent from the keyboard. For example it might be possible to open new folders by writing "N" or exit an application by writing "Q". Finally all application fields that receive text will interact with InkWell. It may therefore be possible to write directly into a word processor or send Internet addresses by writing in the URL field. The final question is inevitable: why develop such software? It is difficult for this to be an application designed for desktop machines. Useful but not essential for a simple laptop. Impossible, given that to work it needs a MacOs operating system, which is intended for a traditional PDA. The only hypothesis that, logically, remains that Apple is thinking of some machines with features that still elude us, a sort of "palmarone" based on MacOs X, a cross between iBook and PowerBook. A sort of evolved personal computer with a computing power much higher than that of current handhelds and capable of interfacing with a desktop Mac but also of operating separately. That this is the "tablet" hypothesized yesterday by our site in an article by Settimio Perlini? Perhaps a little early to avoid slipping into pure fantasy, but we are certain that InkWell is only the tip of an iceberg of which we do not grasp the exact proportion and shape. On this topic we have opened a topic of discussion on Macity

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