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Reception issues: Apple staff trained to say it's not a bug

Reception issues: Apple staff trained to say it's not a bug – Macitynet.it

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Apple has instructed its employees who deal with the public in retail stores to say that the reception problem is not a bug and to give advice on how to avoid it. This is what is learned from The Boy Genius Report which claims to have got its hands on the internal instructions that Cupertino has sent to the assistance staff to deal with the burning problem of reception.

In the management of users who complain about the loss of signal, Apple staff must follow the user in diagnosing the problem but the behavioral line excludes a priori the admission of the existence of a specific defect of iPhone 4. The alleged instructions internal Apple calls to specify that no warranty or repair work is foreseen and establish that the service operator must not promise users free Bumper protection. Ultimately, from the documents presented by TGBR Cupertino it continues along the line of exclusion of the problem also adopted by Steve Jobs: iPhone 4 the smartphone with the best reception so far offered by Apple, in case of problems it is necessary to challenge it differently or buy a case or protection. Another striking detail regarding the assistance document that is circulating is the absolute absence of references to a possible adjustment via software.

Meanwhile, waiting for a solution from Apple many users try the most different and in some cases even original solutions. For example, MacRumors is experimenting with the effects of removing the micro-SIM card, an operation suggested and carried out on the advice of an Apple employee in an Apple Store. A large number of users believe that the iPhone 4 reception problems can be solved by isolating the golden contacts of the micro-SIM that touch the metal compartment. But even the insulating tape technique does not seem conclusive in 100% of cases: an equally large number of users claim not to have benefited from this artisan solution and points to the fact that, probably, those who had a response simply benefited from a reset of the network connection.

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