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RealOne, the new global media player.

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With Microsoft almost completely committed to trying to monopolize the media market with its Windows Media Player, Real Networks, not very worried by the popularity of QuickTime, tries to attack the rival player (benefited from the standard installation of each Windows OS) that could soon to undermine closely the oldest product for streaming on the Internet. Real's weapon is called RealOne Player and, with the prospect of broadband increasingly available to all, it could prove successful in the long term. RealOne Player consists of three sections (video screen, text related to video and web browser) all enclosed in a single window which externally is inspired by the QuickTime style. For Real it is a novelty: the integration of a video and an audio player in a only product that achieves the capabilities of Win Media Player and QuickTime. Those who used Real's paid service, GoldPass ($ 10 a month), able to provide with kept extra to those free at all (for example the exclusive of the NBA basketball games), your access to RealOne Player will be transformed (within 60 days); the same for MusicNet that will become RealOne Music taking advantage of the streaming and the possibility of downloading offered by the following record majors: Warner, EMI, BMG and the independent Zomba. It seems that the Mac platform has not yet been taken into consideration for RealOne Player, but from the "Real Conference" held these days in Seattle, more details may arrive, the pre-beta version can be downloaded for the moment.